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Sylvania Community Services' Team

Leadership Team


Sarah Domingo, Executive Assistant


Catherine Hughes, Preschool Administrator


Sophia Lloyd, Executive Director



Virginia Martinez, Director of Finance


K.J. Petiniot, Director of Facilities



Team Members

Administrative Team

Sharon Drewes, Billing Specialist


Sarah Domingo, Executive Assistant


Sophia Lloyd, Executive Director

Virginia Martinez, Director of Finance 

Sylvania Child Care Team 

Tiffany Davis, Permanent Substitute Assistant Teacher

Stella Ellerbrock, Office Assistant

Catherine Hughes, Preschool Administrator

Gayle Vamos, Permanent Substitute Assistant Teacher

Woodrow Preschool Team

Madison Alvarado, Assistant Teacher


Cathy Antoszewski, Assistant Teacher


Nicole Claudio, Lead Teacher

Jan Dawley, Assistant Teacher


Macy Gerwin, Assistant Teacher


Molly Gibbons, Assistant Teacher

Janet Waganfeald, Teacher Assistant

Preschool at Northview Team


Pat Antonelli, Career Tech Paraprofessional (Sylvania District)

Tricia Beckstead, Lead Teacher, Intervention Specialist (Sylvania District)

Nancy Brown, School Psychologist (Sylvania District)


Ryan Eickholt, Career Tech Instructor, Preschool Director (Sylvania District)

Kimberly Elrod, Assistant Teacher (SCS)


Jackie Gladieux, Speech-Language Pathologist (Sylvania District)

Cameron Hewson, Assistant Teacher (SCS)

Jane Macino, Preschool Paraprofessional (Sylvania District)

Gail Masse, Occupational Therapist (Sylvania District)

Sarah Shanahan, Special Needs Preschool Coordinator (Sylvania District)

Ashlea Shetterly, Administrator/Lead Teacher (SCS)

Extended Time (ET) Program Team

Jaimee Augustyniak, Administrator/Lead Teacher

Janine Augustyniak, Assistant Teacher


Gina Black, Administrator/Lead Teacher

Ashley Hartung, Administrator/Lead Teacher

Jacob Rude, Administrator/Lead Teacher

Sophia Schlegel, Assistant Teacher

Sylvania Senior Center Team

Rosanne Binder, Office Coordinator

Michael Linehan, Driver

Karen Underwood, Events and Volunteer Coordinator

Facilities Team

K.J. Petiniot, Director of Facilities

Ronald Carroll, Custodian

Board of Directors


The meetings for Sylvania Community Services, Inc. are held on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 5:45 pm at the Sylvania Senior Center located at 7140 Sylvania Ave, Sylvania, OH 43560.

Kathryn W. Fell, President

Retired, Toledo Lucas Co Public Library


Baron Black, Vice President

Owner, ACT Systems Ltd.


Jim Bartnik, Treasurer 

Director of Finance, Manahan


Shannon Szyperski, Secretary 

Senior Copywriter, Brandgility


Mary Arquette

Retired, Lourdes University 


Doug Haynam

Councilman, Sylvania City Council


Jill Johnson
Board Member, Sylvania Board of Education


Jeffrey S Langenderfer

Vice President, Buckeye State Bank

Neal Mahoney

Trustee, Sylvania Township 

Vice President, Midland Title


Ruslan  Slutsky
Professor, University of Toledo/ Department of Education


Gary Sommers

Attorney, Heban, Murphree & Lewandowski


Jan Watkins

Office Manager/Accountant, Reeb Funeral Home


Brooke Yussim

Realtor, Danberry Realty


Sophia Lloyd

Executive Director, Sylvania Community Services

(non-voting member)

What Others Say

We could not be more happy with the attention, structure, and learning opportunities that he is given on a daily basis.


“Ms. Catherine and the rest of the team encouraged growth on a personal and educational level.”


“My wife and I go to many of the events at the Sylvania Senior Center. We have made many lasting connections.”


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